The Renewal Collection

“Then came a moment of renaissance… the quintessence / Of all that’s beautiful and rare.”

– Alexander Pushkin 

The final facet of the Essential Six Ritual, The Renewal Collection ushers skin through a most profound journey of overnight rejuvenation and repair. As the body and mind take rest, skin’s capacity for regeneration is empowered. Absolute beauty, rare and everlasting, is reborn. 

The Research

The signs of environmental damage include wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation, and are related to sun exposure and pollution combined with natural ageing.

To a certain extent, human skin has the capacity to self-repair. However, as we age, and as a consequence of environmental damage, these natural restorative processes are diminished.

Topical treatment can assist in restoring and rejuvenating skin, helping to reverse signs of environmental damage to illuminate and refine skin luminosity.

Based on historical RATIONALE research on skin behaviour and characteristics.